What is a chauffeur-driven car service (MAD)?

The provision service is the best solution for your professional and private events.

A provision is a car rental with private driver. It can last a few hours and extend over half a day, a day or even several days depending on your needs.

It is an ideal solution that allows you to make all your journeys in a pleasant and stress-free way. You are indeed guaranteed to be able to call on your private driver as soon as you wish because he remains available for you throughout the duration of the service.

You therefore avoid any inconvenience thanks to the proximity of your private driver and you will avoid wasting time for the continuity of your program.

Provision of private driver for professionals

During a professional event, the image you convey is important and the organization must be optimal. Opt for a MAD VTC driver service for your transport and to lighten your load.

QSdrive takes care of the organization of your trips but also of the management of the groups. If you have a group of several people, several vehicles and drivers will therefore be on duty. For people management, we set up a shopping dispatcher. Communication is made constantly between the transport dispatcher and the private drivers via WhatsApp and walkie-talkies.

Made available for a period of 2 days for a photo shoot for a major luxury brand

Provision for individuals

Save time by entrusting the transport management of your events to QSdrive

Several private events can make you opt for the service of a VTC provision.

To move from the town hall to the place of photo shoots during a wedding or for late-night shuttles from the ceremony venue to the various hotels nearby.

For a bachelor or bachelorette party or for a birthday for another tourist visit with the family. There are countless opportunities to have a good time with friends or family.

Do not miss your event because of a bad choice of service or vehicle. Make good impressions in front of your covives. Entrust the transport of these to an experienced private driver, who will ensure a comfortable journey aboard our top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz sedans and vans.

Provision of a sedan for the bride and groom