Private Chauffeur service for transfer

Choose the private driver service for your transfers. Whether you are a professional or an individual, QSdrive is your solution.

Why choose a private driver for your business trips?

A private driver is used to professional customers and offers additional services on board. We offer you the best of services to make your life easier during your travels.

For your departures and pick-ups at the station and airport, the driver who will come to receive you will take care of monitoring the progress of your means of air or rail transport. if a delay is reported, your driver will still be there or another driver will take over and wait for you with a name sign.

For the payment of your journeys we offer two solutions. The first and the monthly payments by transfers for regular trips. The second is payments on board the vehicle by credit card or cash. The driver will take care of giving you your bill on board.

Why opt for a private driver as an individual?

The first point that will make you choose a VTC for your travels and peace of mind. Once the contact has been established and the appointment has been confirmed, you will be put directly in touch with the driver and all the information necessary for your meeting will be communicated to you in writing.

The second point that will seduce you is flexibility. Indeed QSdrive is flexible on pick-up times and offers you 15 minutes of waiting if you are late. For planes and trains, if you’re late, don’t worry.

QSdrive tracks you on time with transport tracking apps and provides support at no additional cost.

The last point is the comfort of the vehicles. Mercedes-Benz are the best on the market in terms of comfort. If you have a long journey to make, choosing a private driver from our company is the best option and we guarantee it.


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